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Start-Packaging Expands to Europe and the MENA Region

Ever since we started in January 2020, Start Packaging has been all about creating biodegradable packaging, sustainable individual bottles, and tailor-made beverage solutions. At first, we focused on Germany. However, expanding beyond borders has always been our dream. Going global and leading the way in innovative packaging has been our goal from the start. Now, we’re excited to serve you across Europe and the vibrant MENA region. Can't wait to bring our sustainable packaging solutions to you.

Bottles of Olive Oil

A New Era of Opportunity

Embracing a vision of growth and customer-centric service, Start-Packaging is gearing up to cater to the diverse and expanding clientele across Europe and the MENA region. We noticed our unique concept of advanced technologies and biodegradable packaging, along with comprehensive brand development, wasn't readily available in those areas. Now, we're excited to bring these services and help businesses in these regions thrive.

Historic Buildings

Why Europe and the MENA Region?

Europe, with its rich history and thriving markets, and the MENA region, known for its dynamic business landscape, are natural choices for our expansion. These regions offer a tapestry of diverse cultures and a growing need for top-notch, innovative packaging for beverages. Our goal? To bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, offering our unique blend of quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Wine Bottle Selection

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our expansion is fueled by our commitment to excellence. Whether it's producing the perfect glass packaging for a boutique brewery in Berlin or creating recipes for beverages in Beirut, our mission remains the same: bringing excellence. Our team is equipped with advanced packaging technology and deep industry knowledge. We're all about you, our customers, making every project we take on a step toward a greener and innovative future.

Come Along on Our Adventure

We'd love to have you join us in this exciting new chapter. Whether you're a European business looking for biodegradable packaging or a company in the MENA region seeking future-oriented packaging designs, Start Packaging is here for you. Let's team up and create the future of glass packaging—one that's greener, sustainable, and endlessly innovative.

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