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We are tokenising our company!

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Was ist Tokenisierung?

Imagine being able to invest in major projects that were previously reserved for the super-rich - with just a few clicks on your smartphone. This is the principle of tokenisation, a revolutionary technology that is currently turning the world of finance on its head.

Tokenisation means that real assets such as real estate, art or even part of a company are converted into digital tokens. These tokens exist on a blockchain, a kind of digital register that is tamper-proof and completely transparent.

How does it work? Quite simply, a real object or asset is broken down into many small parts. Each of these parts is represented as a digital token. You can buy one or more of these tokens and thus own a share of the real asset.

The cool thing is that you don't have to have millions in your account to invest. Tokenisation makes it possible to invest in large projects even with smaller amounts. Plus, everything is super fast and digital. You can simply buy and sell your tokens over the internet.

New laws, such as the Electronic Securities Act (eWpG) in Germany, make these digital investments just as secure and regulated as traditional investments. 

In short, tokenisation is like your ticket to the world of big investments - simple, secure and accessible to everyone. Are you ready to be part of this revolution?

Become part of the packaging revolution with Start-Packaging

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own your own packaging company? Or at least a part of it? At Start-Packaging, we make that possible - and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey!

We are at the forefront of a movement that is reshaping the world of sustainable packaging. In an industry dominated by giant corporations, we are breaking out and breaking new ground. Our goal? To create one of the first B2B marketplaces for packaging based entirely on Web3 and AI. This means not only innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, but also a completely new way of trading and investing in the sector.

By tokenising Start-Packaging, you can do more than just watch. You can actively contribute to shaping a greener and more sustainable packaging world. Imagine being part of a company that is revolutionising the packaging market - not just as an observer, but as an investor and supporter.

We are currently in the exciting phase of preparation and laying the foundations for this ground-breaking step. Now you have the unique opportunity to join the list of those interested in tokens. Be one of the first to find out how you can secure your share of Start Packaging and make a real contribution to a better, more sustainable packaging world.

Are you ready to be part of this revolution? Join our list today and contribute to a future where packaging is not only functional, but also environmentally friendly. Together we can make a big difference!

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